Sunday, November 29, 2009

Team of Miracle: We will rock you!

Anyone watch this movie? I highly recommend you to watch, if you have not. Eric Suen, a renowned HK singer is the main actor and Gigi is the special guest for this film.

This film is written from a real story about a gang of homeless, who had lost their goals in life and giving up due to failures in their pasts, was then successfully regained confidence, dignity and purpose of their life by help of a social worker. A great story to encourage those who are lost, and give people a courage to face challenges in life.

This remind me the story of "Birds' Life". Birds make their nest days after days, sometimes even gather materials from far. When they have completed the nest, most of the times it was destroyed by weather or human or sometimes animal. But, they do not stop building nest. Birds continue to build nest again and again until they have eggs in the nest again. However, sometimes and often even before the chicks are hatched, the nest destroyed by an animal, a child or a storm again. Even so, birds do not ever stop and continue to sing and build, and keep singing and building... Does this sound familiar or something sound similar in our life?

All of us facing different challenges in our life and animals, like bird has no exceptional as well. Life strikes us down sometimes, we might felt tired of it, tired with our daily struggle, and felt that our struggle is a waste of time, our trust has been betrayed and is meaningless, no one can be trusted and our goals never ever reached as what we expected. No matter what happens... Do not shrink back, but move forward. Do not worry if you get hurt or injured in the battle, that is to be expected but remember this life process always make us stronger and help us to become a wiser person and better person to face future challenges. And, this is the purpose of life and do treasure our life, and every people and everything in our life to avoid regret later of the years.

Lesson: Never give up. Remember if this door is closed, there is another door open for you.

PETA Campaign in Taiwan

Barbie Shu or best known as "Big S" in Taiwan was invited at one of the PETA campaign and shared that "Every chunk of meat, every animal's life is as precious as my dog or my sister even if I did not raise them or know them." Besides that she also said that after adopting vegetarian, she felt more healthy and calm. God blesses you and love you , Beauty!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Global Warming

A good news about global warming to share, the Briton's Scientist called for "30% reduction in farm animals bred for meat production to prevent rising temperatures and rising sea levels." They claimed that meat production is the major source of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and such reduction not only reducing carbon and methane emissions, but also bring significant health benefits by reducing premature deaths in heart diseases in Britain by 17%. Bravo, Briton!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Oprah Winfrey's Show

Oprah Winfrey, she has had contributed her best on TV screen in the past 2 decades and had made $2.7 billion of fortune. People talk about her just like their friends. To many, she is just part's of their lives and that her show gives inspirations, hopes and positive thoughts. Henceforth, she'd changed people thoughts and lives, and made such imprint in today's society.

Oprah Winfrey is going to make the call to say "Goodbye" to all. Yesterday, she told viewers she will dim the lights on "The Oprah Winfrey's Show" at the close of its 25th season in late 2011. Is this call due to the dips in rating?.. Her show average audience has been fell from 12.6 million (in 1991-92) to 6.2 million in 2008-2009.

Oprah said "I love this show. This show has been my life. And, I love enough to know when it's the time to say goodbye." She added after holding back her tears, "25 years feels right in my bones, and it feels right in my spirit. It's the perfect number, the exact right time."

But, she affirmed that she will produce the best possible shows during this 2 final years and do not revealed her future plans. I believe many of you "sad" to see her leaving, but I think the decision to call an end is even tougher for her. Why don't we support her and wish her best of luck being "fan" of her. Good luck, Oprah and I will support you forever!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Floods in Perak

Floods in Perak got worsen on Sunday, 450 victims were shelter at 3 different relief centers, namely SK Changkat Lobak, SK Alor Pongsu and SK Bagan Serai.

After obtained the addresses and map for all 3 relief centers, 4 of us travelled to Bagan Serai today. We make the 1st stop at SK Changkat Lobak at around 3.45pm and found out that there were 59 victims shelter at this school, which include of 13 families. The Kebajikan had provided them with sufficient foods and necessities. However, aids are always welcome the Penghulu said.

God blesses us so much that we reached here at the right time to be able to meet the Penghulu and some governments officials (polis officers, JKKM etc) were about to have their briefing and we were invited as well. After the briefing, they lead us the short cut way to our second spot at SK Alor Pongsu. We may not be able to make our way to this school without them showing us how to go because of road closure at affected areas, that's why we have to use the short cut way. Thank you, God!

At SK Alor Pongsu, it shelter for 373 flood victims include of 101 families. Here, we found out that most of the victims were from Matang Pasir (359 victims) in total. While the rest were from Parit Simpang 4 and Parit Simpang 5. So, Kebajikan had provided them with sufficient foods and water supplies. But, we were told that they do not have sufficient blankets, diapers for kids and toilets. Volunteers, you are always welcome to provide them with more blankets.

As the weather changed and started to rain again, we make a move back around 5.30pm without heading to our 3rd destination. Hope that no rain tonight at Bagan Serai or else more people and areas will be affected.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Movie 2012

I just came back from watching a movie with a title "2012" directed by Ronald Emmerich, same Director for Independence Day, The day after tomorrow and etc. The movie telling us a date (21.12.2012) as end of our world stated/mentioned in the Bible, by I-Ching, in Mayan calendar and then evidenced by proof of studies by scientists and geologies of the pole shift causing big volcanic eruptions, massive earthquakes and giant tsunamis all over the planet.

It portrays how people struggle to survive and when it comes to "life and death", they are people who are so selfish and fear of death. But, of course they are some heros who are selflessness and willing to extend help and be strong to face his responsibility, just like the US President and Italy President who make a choice to stay instead of leaving their citizens. Other Presidents boarding on Big Submarine did make a great final decision to open gate for those who had paid 1 million euro per seat, had then stop from starting a new world with cruelty.

For those who had watched the same movie like me, do you ever thoughts or ask "what if this is real?, "what if this is going to happen in 2012?", "If yes, what are you going to do and how are you going to prepare for this day?"

For me, I don't know if this going to happen exactly as portrayed in this movie, but the only question in my mind now, after watching this movie, is that can I stay calm and sit still to meditate or should I run with others and help others to struggle to survive?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Words of Wisdom 001

"If those who are vegetarian wants to walk on the path of God, and if they try to find and discover God within themselves through inner silence, purity and sincerity, they will find God. They will find God provided they calm down their minds. Then our world will go one step forward towards God, Who is the Truth, Beauty, Ecstasy and Attraction. "

The above message really enlighten me and I believe all of us understand but, clearing all garbage thoughts in our minds and stop thinking, make it null is so hard due to all mundane in our lives. I hope I can practice well and slowly clear my mind and sit calmly without any thought one day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 things you should never do with your credit cards

Browsing through at Yahoo as usual and found some good tips to manage our credit cards. Here are the tips I find it quite useful for those who has credit cards debts: -

1. Don't make only minimum payment. It stretches your payment plus the interest rate of 18% p.a will significantly increases your total costs. Many have been mislead by 1.5% per month as low rate, in fact you are paying 18% per year which is consider the highest rate and most profitable loans to all commercial banks. For those who has housing loans (5% - 7% p.a) or car loans (1% -5% p.a ) should know these big cap, so don't screaming for pain.

2. Don't carry so many credit cards. You lost track on your spending with multiple cards and ended up with debts that you could not pay. It increases possibilities of misusing your cards due to the temptations at display columns and ads posted on fashion magazines. To better manage your cards, reduce it to 2 cards. One meant for normal purchases, ie. petrol, your households bills and normal shopping. Another one for emergency purposes, meaning do not use this card unless is a "must". Do consider to take down all your purchases and to settle all your purchases every month.

3. Don't miss payment due dates. Your credit card company not only charged you "late charges" and it will recorded your repayment record in your credit report, like CRISS. This may causes you to have difficulty in getting loans in the future. The solution for your busy schedules at work and avoid to miss your credit payment is to sign up a e-banking or phone-banking so that you can do transfer to make payment. And, set alert in your mobile phone to remind you 2-3 days before due dates.

4. Don't take cash advances. Avoid THIS due to its high interest rate which is calculated on daily basis and some credit companies also charge additional service fee for this facility.

In fact, the above notes is to remind myself to avoid spending and settle all my purchases every month. And, I only purchase if i have the Cash on hand and purchase what I need only. Try also use Cash to purchase instead of your credit cards.

Cost for a Luxury Life

Accidentally came across a blog that belongs to a friend’s wife and found out that both my friend and his wife spend a lot on branded clothing, bags and shoes, and also expensive dining.
Oh My… I find it you should not spend so much on all these material things, where only costs you all your hard-earned money and make you ended up with full of credit cards debts. God blesses you, my friend.

I personally find that credit cards are bad for fresh graduates, who just came out from Universities and step into this social world. Today's fresh graduate is earning at a salary range of RM1,800 to Rm 2,500 but, a branded handbag start with character "C" sell at around RM2K or much higher depends on design and colors. The poorest thing is these fresh graduates mostly, ended up with lots of credit cards debts due to the temptation at the display column at shopping centers and branded shop outlets.

For those who has credit cards, please only use your credit card when necessary and wisely. Avoid using it to show off or buying what you already have, especially when you do not have the cash to pay your credit card company.

Publish Post

Wedding Gift

Today, I went to shop for a wedding gift for my good friend who is going to get marry next month (December 2009), and after shopped for awhile I ended make a stop at My Diamond. Lastly, I successfully bought a nice bracelet for her at RM419 from My Diamond. Hope that she will like it. Then, simply shop around at Jaya Jusco if I could find a nice card for her also. And, I found a very nice greeting sound likes “May you two always hold hands, sneak kisses and hugs together, laugh together with no reason.” Sweet.

OMG! I am very happy today, not only make a good buy for my good friend but also a suitable ring for myself, which only cost RM20. Yes, this is my day...

Pay Surrender Fee of RM80 per pup

A friend of mine send 5 pups to PAWS and then, he has to pay a surrender fee of RM80 for each pup. Meaning he has to pay RM400 to give away his 5 pups. OMG! Why don't you ask around if anyone has interest to have a pup at home?

Monday, November 9, 2009

I just found out that I want to have a blog for myself just like others, to write down little things in my life as I started to understand to value and appreciate my life, including people I know or even stranger and small or big things in my life. I suddenly love my life so much :p

我希望和其他人一样可以用于自己的BLOG,可以写下在我的生活大小事因为我开始懂得珍惜和欣赏我的生活,包括我认识的人,甚至是陌生人,小或在我的生命的大事情。 我非常爱我的LIFE。