Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best and Valuable Insurance policy

At school, all of us is taught to think logic, be proactive and react quickly to problems. To solve problem, we were taught to find root cause of the problem and fix it immediately without delay. But, when we grew up I noticed that most of the time we annoyed, we hate problems and henceforth, always leave our problems aside whether is related to family, love, career, earth or business, etc.

Since young, we were taught to love our families, relatives, friends and environment. These are why we have so many festivals and holidays to value and appreciate people around us, I supposed. We have Mother's Day and Father's Day to show respect, honour and appreciate for their loves to us, Teacher's Day to appreciate what they taught us at school, and many more. Do you still remember of Gotong Royong Day at primary school? We do cleaning and collecting rubbish at our school or nearby kampung. Hey, we were taught to love our planet Earth since primary school and we were so enjoy and cooperate at that time.

After we left school, how many of us help to pick up a rubbish or paper bag or plastic bag on the ground that we saw at pasar malam? How many of us throw plastic bags and/or polystyrene foam (mostly known as styrofoam, white food container) after you finished your delicious Malaysian foods bought from pasar malam. How many of us will say, "Aiya, the Bandaraya people will sweep the floor later, so just throw it on the floor/ground la. "

At home, we were taught to respect our elderly and relatives since young age also. But, something that I always not agreed is that we were taught to respect and value our life, but why not animals' life too. Small animals were slaughtered and cooked as food to fulfil our stomach. I thought we were taught to love our families, relatives and friends then why are we, humanity acting cruelty against small animals who also have families and friends. And, humanity always blaming this not fair, that not fair then what about the life of the small animals on your dinner table. Is there a justice for them? Do you ever give the chicken a chance to defend itself before you slaughtered and cooked it as your food?

Thanks to the advance technology, we are now living in a century that give full access of information and freedom. Just a click, we get access to information we need almost instantly. We all knew that alcohol and cigarette are bad for our health and it increase our risk of diagnosis into various cancers. But, how many of us drinking and smoking at pub last Xmas or plan to partying tomorrow for New Year's countdown?

Hey, we also knew meat eating is bad for our health and you also knew that how the chicken is fed at the farm. We knew but, ignored the fact. Because of our ignorance, selfishness and reluctant to change, our planet Earth is now facing a great danger. We are not only put our health at risk, but also our mother Earth, the place where our next generations going stay at risk.

Become a vegan is like buying an insurance policy to cover yourself, your loved ones and our planet Earth as "Meat eating is a major cause of global warming." is a fact that you and I can not deny. It is the No. 1 contributor to greenhouse gases that causing warming on our Earth's surface and the root cause to many natural disasters that take away precious life. So, should we apply what we had learned at school that is to go direct to the cause and fix it?

What is global warming? Global warming is defined by Wikipedia as "the increased in average temperature on Earth's surface air and oceans. Artic ice melt faster when our Earth's surface get warmer and it caused sea levels to rise eventually lead to more floods, typhoons, hurricanes and other natural disasters. What can we do to stop global warming?

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes that increased in average temperature since middle of 20th century was caused by concentration of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities, mainly livestock production. Henceforth, many scientists agreed that the best and fastest solution to stop warming on our Earth's surface is to adopt vegetarian diet.

Why vegetarian? If all nations change to adopt vegetarian/vegan diet, meaning no more demand for meat henceforth livestock farmers will have to stop animals farming and start vegetables farming eventually lead to cut greenhouse gases from livestock production, end poverty, starvation and a good start for a more compassionate world. Another word, Vegan diet is the quickest and most inexpensive way to reduce carbon emissions as compared to switch the entire world to zero-carbon economy and lifestyle that need billions or trillions of dollars, and it takes thousands of years for the gas to dissipate. But, vegan diet give immediate cut down on greenhouse gases emissions, stabilize Earth's surface temperature and very economy.

To stop global warming, we have to stop meat-eating and start to adopt vegan diet. And, by doing so, you are buying the best and valuable insurance policy to cover your family, loved ones and mother Earth. And, also to preserve this beautiful planet Earth for our future generations.

Friday, December 25, 2009

"No Plastic Bag Day"

I do have a bad habit that is to take extra plastic bags when making purchases at hypermarkets. You must be asking me "Why are you taking extra plastic bags?". Greedy! Haha.. It serves as rubbish bag for me. If you have the same habit like me, then, you and me are reminded to bring our own recycled bags if not we will get charge Rm0.20 for each plastic bag taken when making purchases at supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The success of "No Plastic Bag on Monday" in Penang had saved 580,000 plastic bags in just 13 days. Penang as the 1st state to cut down usage of plastic bag announced that starting from 01-01-2010 no supply of plastic bags at supermarkets, hypermarkets in Penang, and Selangor with the same objective to reduce or minimize environmental problem also announced to implement the same. This implementation, definitely, can raise public awareness to protect our mother earth and spread "green" message to save our planet.

For our planet earth, let's stop the usage of plastic bags and pledge to bring and use recyclable bags when doing purchases and shopping at retail shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Sunday is No Plastic Bag Day!

Very happy get to know that the government of Miri City also announced to kick off "Sunday is No Plastic Bag Day" campaign since 3 months ago. The objective of this campaign include of create awareness to the public the danger the use of plastics, to minimize the use of plastic bags starting from shopping complexes, and to encourage public to involve into environmental campaign. Let's pray for the success of this implementation and more towns and states implement the same.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FEATURE - Climatic cracks of doom surface in green Bhutan

Bhutan is located at the eastern end of Himalaya Mountains was once one of an isolated countries and was rated by Business Week magazine as the happiest country in Asia in 2006. And, if you remember Tony Leung and Carina Lau's wedding dinner was held in Bhutan. With no exceptional, this peaceful, green and holy Bhutan also challenged by rising global temperatures.

FEATURE - Climatic cracks of doom surface in green Bhutan

Monday, December 7, 2009

Please save the world

Global climate forum that brought 192 nations together started on Dec 7th, 2009 shown the following video during the opening ceremony. Please check this out and share with others to spread the news to save our planet. It is everyone's responsibility to save our world irregardless is for ourselves, our next generations or our planet, but we have to do it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Global Climate Forum in Copenhagen

Extreme climatic disasters, such as typhoons, floods and droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes etc.., is getting more often and happened all over the world. Everybody used to say Malaysia is a safer country to stay, but lately there are many part of Malaysia flooded due to heavy rains. And, hard to believe that we have earthquake in Seremban few days ago . Blessed that it does not cause any destruction or damage. So, I think every place also not safe to stay if Global Climate Forum in Copenhagen not successful to come out with a mutual thoughts to curb global warming.

I do believe US and China, being the world's leading carbon emissions, both play a very crucial role in global forum, and of course other rich countries also play important role to make this forum a success. Personally find that the success of this global forum determines our future world and life of our future generations. So, together we pray for the best of this global climate forum.