Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Supreme Master Ching Hai interviewed by Journalist Luis Ballesteros

Here is the interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by Journalist Luis Ballesteros
Published in El Quintanarroense newspaper (December 12, 2010)

Luis Ballesteros - Journalist, El Quintanarroense newspaper, Mexico (M): Do you believe that global warming is irreversible?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: No, reversible. Can change. We have to reverse our action. Just like if you go south and you want to be in the north, then you just turn the car. U-turn and come north. We warm up the planet, because of many reasons.

Fossil fuel, and animal industry. But then, when we burn fossil fuel, it emits two types of things, carbon dioxide, CO2, and aerosol. Aerosol, more or less cancels the effect of CO2. Aerosol is not too good for our health, but at least it cancels CO2. So the warming effect came from the methane gas, and nitrous oxide. These are poisonous anyway. Not just warming, but poisonous to us. Even if CO2 does warm up the planet, it's only 1% compared to methane, and one 1% of 300% compared to nitrous oxide.

Luis Ballesteros (M): Wow.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: And black carbon is even 4,000-plus more warming than CO2.

Luis Ballesteros (M): Wow!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, yes but the thing is methane is short, it can dissipate within 10 years, more or less. (NOTE: In addition, black carbon remains in the atmosphere for only days or weeks)

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So if we cut all these -- methane, nitrous oxide -- then we cool the planet within a few years.

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  1. Yes, no visible harm in BE VEG, GO GREEN 2 SAVE THE PLANET.