Friday, March 29, 2013

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Music Video)

Darlin' don't be afraid, 
I have loved you for a Thousand years
I'll love you for a Thousand more 
And all along 
I believed I would find you 
 Time has brought  
 Your heart to me 
  I have loved you for a Thousand years


Sunday, March 17, 2013

林俊傑 - 學不會(Never Learn) KTV HD

Love is part of our life that we never learn enough...

[KTV] 叮噹 - 很愛過

爱情没有谁对还是谁错, 爱情只有懂得珍惜或错过吧。。。

Friday, March 15, 2013

Message from SMCH during musical "Loving the Silent Tears"

A message from Supreme Master Ching Hai that was played during the musical "Loving the Silent Tears" that celebrated the 19th anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai day.

As a token of love, I share with you good news—maybe just to help pacify all worrying hearts, all hearts that are concerned about the survival and wellness of all in this world.

That good news is our planet will still be blessed to exist for 10,000 years more to come and will continue, depending on our goodness in the future. And for that, praised be God. Thanks to all co-inhabitants’ loving prayers and contributions in different aspects. As for my humble self, I also continue the best to support our common united endeavor to save this planet for this generation and countless next.

Enjoy the show; thank you all again! May God bless the universe and protect our world.

Addition to " From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer"

Sowing the Seeds of Peace and Creating a Beautiful Future through Action

With the publication of the book From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer by Supreme Master Ching Hai, more and more people have come to realize the urgent need to return to a natural and healthy way of life. In fact, many who are concerned about the Earth have been inspired to launch the petition “From Crisis to Peace: A Global Going Veg Petition for Survival.” This way, you can send out your call for a beautiful future to the world, while becoming another person who is taking action to extend blessing to this planet.

Vegan Diet: Peace is Always the Right Choice

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Lomé, Togo Videoconference, May 09, 2009
(Originally in English)

When we live our lives with a vegan diet, we send out a powerful statement that we want life, and so we will beget life, and protection to continue with our life.

If we become vegan as an individual, we can remedy the disasters that otherwise might affect us personally. If the world becomes vegan as a group, we can remedy the disasters that affect us globally. They will be averted, or be minimized and rendered harmless. The planet will begin repairing itself in astonishing ways that would surprise scientists. For example, the ice will stop melting and return to the way it was; green life will appear again, and the oceans will be healed as the rainfall and temperature begin to regulate themselves again to produce restored balance.

You see, we have the energy to change everything; we have the power to dictate what happens around us, but we must use it. We must use it for the sake of all. We must use it for the benefit of every being on this planet.

Our thinking, our actions, have to send out a message to the universal energy that we want a better planet, we want a safer life, and we want a saved world; then the universal energy will do just that. But we have to act in resonance with this energy. If we want good things, then we have to do good.
If we want life, we have to spare lives. So the good energy we create can do these things, and more wonders. The compassionate loving atmosphere that we, as the whole world, generate, can and will do more miracles for us. I know it sounds incredible but it is possible. It is a fact. We can create everything that we want if we live in accordance with the law of the universe. Such is the power of just being vegan. Because that means we spare life, we want life, and we want constructive energy; we don’t want destruction. So vegan is the answer. This is something all citizens of the world can do. Be vegan. Be a world-saver. The world can be what we make it to be, and we will make it a vegan world, a compassionate world, a peaceful world and a saved world.