Monday, December 6, 2010

From Crisis to Peace - The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer

New Book Launch: From Crisis to Peace – The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer, written by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Sincerely and gratefully introduce you Master’s new Book and below is some of Important excerpts from this new book.

Our planet is at emergency position

Supreme Master Ching Hai states that “Our planet is a house that is burning. If we don’t work together with a united spirit to put out the fire, we will not have a home anymore.” She also offers an uplifting solution that every individual can easily achieve that is “Be veg to save the planet.”

In this book Supreme Master Ching Hai presents the major factors associated with global warming, and more importantly, its root cause: Livestock Industry.

Livestock is the Major Cause of Global Crisis

As the crisis escalates, natural disasters are claiming tens of thousands of lives and displacing millions from their homes, with financial losses amounting to billions of dollars. Rising sea levels have already submerged 18 island nations and are threatening many others. In addition, irregular rainfall patterns and intensifying droughts are affecting many regions, thus worsening food and water shortages. And climate experts warn of even more extreme weather conditions to come, with the possibility of “runaway global warming.”

The only way to avoid the “point of no return” climate catastrophe is to take action on the most climatically disastrous course of all—that is, meat production. By now we have all the evidence, all the information to safely say so. The livestock industry is the top greenhouse gas generator.

This is a life-and-death matter for everybody; it’s not a personal choice. And we are eating meat, eating up the whole planet, eating up 90% of the food supply and letting other people hungry.

All these [global warming] situations are getting worse and worse, and won’t stop until we really change the way we live our life. The solution is quite easy: simply stop eating meat; that is the best solution.

A Personal Plea From Supreme Master Ching Hai to All World Leaders.

I suggest all world leaders and governments to please promote the animal-free lifestyle and quick so that we can save our planet.

We have no time, not too much time left. This is no longer even about politics. It’s about the survival of ourselves and our children. If all governments encourage people toward the healthy, animal-free diet, the planet could be saved in no time.

A Turning Point in Human Evolution

Humans are naturally more generous and peaceful in their heart; it’s just that we all have been misinformed, misunderstood for a long, long, long time. We thought meat was good for us, we thought dairy was good for us, we thought fish was good for us, we thought eggs were good for us. It’s all wrong. It’s all the opposite. It all has been proven that these things that we have been told that are good for us—like meat, fish, dairy, eggs, whatever animal products are “good for us”—is all wrong. It’s the opposite of what is good. It has been bringing us suffering, sickness and tremendous loss of finances from tax payers for curing disease and related business.

We have to stop now, especially stop for our children’s sake. We can’t keep poisoning our children anymore; they are helpless. The poor children, they rely on us, they think we know better, but it’s not our fault either. We just need to turn around.

And above all, it is eating up our planet. It’s not just killing people, it’s not just killing animals, but it’s also killing our planet. And we have to stop it in order to save our world.

The vegan diet is one of the first, single, greatest acts of compassion, of not harming another life and not damaging the environment even. If we compare a meat-based diet to a vegan diet, [the meat-based diet] takes around 14 times as much water, six times as much grain, 10 times as much energy, and over 20 times as much land, while often destroying precious rainforest. Meat is replaceable.

The Earth is Ascending to the Higher Galactic Civilization

Any planetary scientist knows that Mars and Venus went through dramatic atmospheric changes in the past, similar to what we have begun to experience right now. Long ago, Mars and Venus were once a lot like our planet—they had water, life and people similar to us. But the inhabitants of Mars and Venus destroyed their respective planetary homes because they raised too much livestock, and the gases released triggered an irreversible greenhouse-gas effect, plus poisonous hydrogen sulfide in the case of Mars. So, that’s why we see only the traces of the landforms and oceans that once used to be there.

Realizing the Eden Dream

If the world were to go 100% vegetarian right now, the good effect of it would be seen within more or less 60 days. That is eight weeks. Within eight weeks we would see immediate effect. Of course, you’ll also see immediately, it’s almost immediately.

Within eight weeks all disasters will stop. That’s how Heaven is created. What do you think?


  1. If the cows, chicken, sheep and all knew why they were being reared for, they surely would have rebelled in this lifetime and not wait to reincarnate to come and pay revenge. Same too are we human beings, stone hearted, we remain so until it is too late. Thanks and praise to master ching hai

  2. Master's new book can be read online for free of charge at

  3. God bless you for so good review of Master`s new book. Everyone should read it and most important wake up. Thank you

  4. The true way to save our planet is the only way to be Vegan and no other way is so easy and quick as the planet need immediate healing from gobal warming. The Vegan life style reduces our carbon foot print to the lowest level possible for human surviva. Please promote this vegan food instead hig carbon intensive foods.
    Dr. Dhiraj

  5. Thank you for all these beautiful comments and I believe people (those) who read this New book will definitely change their diet and lifestyle with Master's Great Blessings and Love!

    Be Peace Upon All! May all humanity wake up as soon as possible and, live happily and in harmony with all animals!