Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kevin & Regina's wedding dinner on 9/22

Time really flies! Counts back with my fingers,
Ting Min and Kevin! we know each other for more than 10 years,
since our college times and then working together at PF/PBB.
And, blessed that after so many years we still keep in touch ya.
Friendship Forever!!

Dim Sum at Kechara Oasis, Viva Home

Vegetarian Dim Sum in KL. Yummy! I love the "Fried Radish Cake". But, vegan need to ask and confirm before order as some dim sum got cheese...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dining at Vege Life Cafe, Taman Mayang

Nice environment, nice food but at very reasonable price. A great choice for dining after a tiring day, especially if you wanna skip from a bad traffic jam.

Feeding fishes with milk bottle at Segenting, Johor

Great marketing idea that can really attract tourists to pay RM5 for feeding fishes with milk bottle. Look!  my aunt is really enjoying and i think this is Mother's Love.. hehe =)

Day Trip in Melaka

Everyone still can Smile happily after climbing up more than 50 steps of stair just to see this St. Paul 's statue... 

Vegan Cake at Cafe de Sky Garden

Still find that Vegan cake at Cafe de Sky Garden is the Best! Yum yum.... and i was told they are now trying to make Vegan Cheese Cake too.. 
Just can't wait!

Dining at Kechara Oasis, PJ

Many of you may think being a vegan is so hard to find a nice place for fine dining, but I can tell you that you will never say that again after you visit Kechara Oasis in PJ. You going to love the romantic and yet, classic feel here and definitely, you will enjoy d food too =)

New Life

Has been really busy with work since started with this new job in June, a New & Busy life in KL again. But Blessed that I have good bosses & colleagues, although there is one or two of them making me angry sometimes. But, i do believe there is always office politic in every company we go. It is just a matter how we deal with it. Somehow I always remind myself, no matter how tired with works and some people I will remember to SMILE =) 

Nothing much or special to update here for my friends. Just hope everyone is FINE and hope to see more peace making to come.